Better late than never, our end of season BBQ finally happened last night at the Victoria Hotel in Sliema. The venue was a first for us, and it turned out to be very good indeed. There were only 40 of us, because it happened so late this year, what with the Preluna being unavailable, (closed for refurbishment!) the Boat trip being cancelled because of bad weather (in JUNE!), so quite a few of our regulars have left for the summer already, but it was a super evening and we had a lovely meal, lots of dancing, and just great fun, so thanks to all of you who made the effort.

Thanks also to Tony Vella for his organisational contribution, he did most of the work, assisted in part by Jennifer Sant.

Our DJ was Johnny Gee, who is almost one of us now, and he managed to get everyone up and dancing throughout the evening. The staff at the Victoria were really attentive, nothing was too much trouble, and the food was excellent.

A few photos from the night, taken mostly by Steve Dodd,  but if any of you have more and would like them included, please send them by e mail to Peter, and we will publish them.